Juried-In Artists Paint Ontario County

June 4-7

Painting by the 40 or so juried-in artists will occur mostly over four days, from Tuesday, June 4, through Friday, June 7, 2019.  During this time, it is likely you will see many of our talented artists painting throughout Ontario County as they create paintings for entry into the main competition.  Many well-known vistas, including the lookout over Canandaigua Lake on County Road 12 in South Bristol and the gazebo in Kershaw Park, are among those the artists choose to paint.  You may visit our Facebook page to locate our artists.  Local residents can register on the festival website to give artists access to some of the region’s lesser-known sights.  If you have a scenic vista you always thought would be good for an artist to paint, this is your opportunity!  You will be blown away by what you see!