2017 Juried-In Artists

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Robert Amirault • Welland, Ontario Canada

I have found the truth in nature. To"see, observe and remember" provides information I can use in my studio paintings.
Last plein air event: Wet Paint Live on Marco Island, Florida February 18, 2017

Kathy Armstrong • Trumansburg, New York USA

There is an excitement that comes from working outdoors on location because everything is changing so quickly. Trying to capture a scene quickly is a real rush!
Favorite locations to paint: Old barns are always fun to paint but just about anything can interest me with the right light.
Last plein air event: 2016 Adirondacks Plein Air Festival (Saranac Lake)

Olena Babak • Hartland, Maine USA

I find plein air is one of the truest, most direct and inspirational ways for an artist to experience, understand and interpret the natural world around us. It gives us artists a chance to witness a moment
of beauty and create art while full of spontaneity and life.
Favorite locations to paint:Anything with water, boats. Love painting sunrises and sunsets.
Last plein air event: A Stroke of Art, Boothbay, ME
2016 Finger Lakes Plein Air Quick Draw Grand Prize Winner

Sarah Baptist • Wilmington, Delaware USA

Love the challenge, the light, the fresh air!
Favorite locations to paint: Wilmington, DE.
Last plein air event: Brandywine Plein Air Oct 2016

Beth Bathe • Lancaster, Pennsylvania USA

Painting en plein air is painting what I see and feel during a moment of time. It is chasing the light, observing and recording my surroundings and taking a 360 degree real world view and expressing it in brushstrokes of value and shape. Primarily painting en plein air since 2013, I participate in high profile festivals from Maine to Washington State, with ten competitions in 2016 alone. I incorporate water soluble oils in thin washes with a very limited palette. Adding and taking away, allowing the drips and marks to help define my compositions. I also uses unconventional tools along with paintbrushes to create interesting textures and marks.
Favorite locations to paint: I love to paint an old farmhouse or in vintage old towns. I am drawn to the past, buildings that are beyond their prime or even soon to become part of the vanishing landscape.
Last plein air event: Solomons Island Plein Air bethbathe.com

William Benson • Ithaca, New York USA

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Edward Buonvecchio • Manchester, Maine USA

Painting outdoors is always an adventure and challenge to me! The more I paint outdoors the more intimate I become with our Earth and the more I can share this intimacy and value for our environment with others. It is the journey to complete a study or finish a painting outdoors that keeps me going out for more.
Favorite locations to paint: The coast of Maine
Last plein air event: Boothbay Harbor Stroke of Art

Eileen Correll • Schuylkill Haven, Pennsylvania USA

I never feel so alive and "in the moment" than when I am painting outdoors in all the unpredictable circumstances that might happen. I always view it as a challenge.
Favorite locations to paint: One of my favorite painting locations is a rather run-down marina in Punta Gorda, Florida
Last plein air event: Arcadia,Florida Nov.2015

James Cramer • Athens, New York USA

Expressing myself outside before nature with paint,brush and canvas the best I can gives me a sense of freedom and fulfillment.
Favorite locations to paint: Hudson River area of Greene County, NY.
Last plein air event: Olana Paint out 2015 at Olana State Historic Site, Hudson, NY

Kathleen Gray Farthing • Alliance, Ohio USA

When I am painting en plein air, I become immersed in the scene, soaking in the sun or the chill. Hearing the birds, the wind, the movement of the leaves and grass. It is my own form of meditation, yoga, rejuvenation.
Favorite locations to paint: I love painting near water– streams, ponds, oceans.
Last plein air event: Harford County Plein Air Competition

Kevin Feary • Batavia, New York USA

Plein Air painting is one of the most challenging endeavors I have ever attempted. There is nothing more gratifying than sensing everything around you and capturing the light or mood of that particular moment in time in a painting.
Favorite locations to paint: I love to paint anywhere my feet land.
Last plein air event: 4th Annual Plein Air Festival at the Lighthouse Art Center, Tequesta, FL 33469, March 8-12, 2017

Tarryl Gabel • Poughkeepsie, New York USA

I love the outdoors, as well as the challenge to capture in paint on a two dimensional surface the essence and time of a place under varying lighting and weather conditions.
Favorite locations to paint: Marshes
Last plein air event: Hudson Valley Plein Air, October 2017

David Gardner • Rochester, New York USA

Paul George • Ipswich, Massachusetts USA

Just love being outside, one with nature.
Favorite locations to paint: France, Italy, Cape Ann.
Last plein air event: Cape Ann 2016

Douglas Gillette • Enfield, Connecticut USA

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Keith Gunderson • Kerhonkson, New York USA

When I am painting plein air I experience what I can only describe as Flow- the feeling of being "in phase" with everything around you.This makes me very happy.
Favorite locations to paint: My backyard.
Last plein air event: Hudson Valley Plein Air

Nancy Jarvis• Newbury, Massachusetts USA

More information about this artist coming soon!

George Jennings • Tappahannock, Virginia USA

I love the freedom of being outside, finding a subject that challenges my impulsive nature to paint, and being able to paint it.
Favorite locations to paint: Tidal areas of the East Coast of the United States.
Last plein air event: Bath County Plein Air Festival

Rebecca King • Black Mountain, North CarolinaUSA

I paint outside to observe, savor, and experience fully the passage of time across nature. I love to have an excuse to watch a shaft of light walk across the grass or a shadow move its fingers up the hill. I paint outside to see fully and live deeply, and to savor beauty.
Favorite locations to paint: Snowdonia, Wales, Pienza, Italy, Uzes, France
Last plein air event: Cashiers Plein Air 2016

Jim Laurino • Burlington, Connecticut USA

Plein air painting is simply the best way to capture a landscape. I enjoy the entire process of location study, composition planning, and painting execution. I am often inspired by the people I meet while painting, and the history of those sites I choose to paint.
Favorite locations to paint: Essex Connecticut - a coastal town rich in history, with tremendous open views of the Connecticut river.
Last plein air event: Hudson Valley Plein Air

Christopher Leeper • Canfield, Ohio USA

It brings together all the senses. It is immediate and real-a document of an experience.
Favorite locations to paint: Farm country central Ohio
Last plein air event: En Plein Air Texas

Diane Leifheit • Paul Smith's, New York

Plein air using pastel is such a challenge, yet when it works ther eis nothing better . Chasing the light, capturing the shadow, committing to an idea of the essence of a scene jsut is not quite the same as the comfort of the studio.
Favorite locations to paint: Adirondacks, Finger Lakes, Yucatan, Mexico
Last plein air event: Seneca Lake Plein Air Festival, 2016

Andre Lucero •Goochland, Virginia USA

It is exciting to capture fleeting moments of nature on the spot.
Favorite locations to paint: Maine, Florida, Mountains of Virginia
Last plein air event: En Plein Air Texas

Carlton Manzano •Freeville, New York USA

Plein Air painting is a direct way to represent nature and enjoy the outdoors at the same time. Favorite location to paint:Finger Lakes region of New York State.
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Chuck Marshall • Wilmington, Ohio USA

Last plein air event: Cape Ann Plein Air
2016 Finger Lakes Plein Air Best in Show Winner. For more information about this artist visit:

Patrick McPhee • Binghamton, New York USA

For more information about this artist visit: patrickmcphee.com

Adriana Meiss • Syracuse, New York USA

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K T Morse •Ipswich, Massachusetts USA

Plein air painting is a means of living in the moment and recording that moment for all time.
Favorite locations to paint: Cape Ann
Last plein air event: Easels in Frederick

David Peacock •Rhinelander, Wisconsin USA

I feel that plein air painting has been the most important factor in helping me to develop as a painter and an artist.
Favorite locations to paint: I love painting along the upper Wisconsin River near my home. I have a small pontoon boat that gives me a great way to explore and paint along the river.
Last plein air event: Paint Dexter Plein Air Festival, Dexter, MI

Elizabeth Rhoades • Stafford Springs, Connecticut USA

2016 Finger Lakes Plein Air 3rd Place Winner. For more information about this artist visit:

Julie Riker • Camp Hill, Pennsylvania USA

I see so much more through direct observation than in a photograph. It is really the only way to capture the light. I also love the challenge, or the hunt, of finding compositions in a given location.
Favorite locations to paint: I like to paint structures, particularly old buildings where nature is taking over. I am interested in the contrast between the hard edges of man made things vs. the soft edges of the natural world.
Last plein air event: Plein Air Easton 2016

Robin Roberts • Ashland, Ohio USA

Painting is relaxing for me and is my way to connect with God and His creation.
Favorite locations to paint: Lakeside, Ohio.
Last plein air event: Ohio Plein Air Society Competition

Kari Ganoung Ruiz • Interlaken, New York USA

I love the total immersion in nature that IS the plein air painting experience!
Favorite locations to paint: The Finger Lakes Region of course! There is a great diversity of subject matter here; villages, farms, waterfalls, and grand vistas... and the atmospheric quality of light is quite special..
Last plein air event: Hudson Valley Plein Air, Fall 2016

Robert Simone • Saint Petersburg, Florida USA

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Judy Soprano • Rochester, New York USA

First of all it is fun. It is wonderful to paint out doors in the open air. I feel that I hone my skills and I, as an artist, learn to see the colors of nature different and more acutely than most people.
Favorite locations to paint: Naples Creek at Grimes Glen.
Last plein air event: Finger Lakes Plein Air Festival 2016

Keith Thirgood • Peterborough, Ontario, Canada

It forced me to paint freer and looser, which had been a long-term goal of mine.
Favorite locations to paint: Kawartha Highlands Provincial Park, Ontario.
Last plein air event: I lead a 5-day Art Retreat in Killarney, Ontario late last September.

Lena Thynell • Port Matilda, Pennsylvania USA

Being outdoors, painting is very inspiring and I love it. It is a challenge to paint outdoors being exposed to wind, sun, rain and even snow. My paintings comes alive in a way that is quite different from those paintings created in my studio. When I paint, I aim to express a feeling or a mood of the object rather than to create an exact replicate.The nature is the master and I am the student.
Favorite locations to paint: The rural landscape of Central Pennsylvania and the Swedish West Coast
Last plein air event: Harford Plein Air MD,October 2016

George Van Hook • Cambridge, New York USA

It is the greatest feeling in the world to be out in the landscape, and trying to capture it on a canvas.
Favorite locations to paint: Finger Lakes, Rocky Mountains, Sierras.
Last plein air event: Saranac Lake Plein Air
2016 Finger Lakes Plein Air 2nd Place Winner.

Jill Stefani Wagner • Saline, Michigan USA

I love being outdoors and creating on site. There is something about the light, sounds and atmosphere that enhance my art in a way that painting in the studio just cannot duplicate.
Favorite locations to paint: I am a lifelong Michigander so I love painting the Midwest, but my Italian ancestry and the gorgeous views make Italy my favorite.
Last plein air event: 2017 Faculty at the Plein Air Convention in San Diego

Geoffrey Wittig • Dansville, New York USA

Spending time outdoors we can all experience perfect little moments; the suns last light on a hilltop, or an apple orchard in full bloom in May. Painting outdoors gives us a shot at catching that perfect moment, something of how it feels, on canvas.
Favorite locations to paint: Finger Lakes
Last plein air event: Seneca Lake Plein Air, Geneva NY (won Peoples Choice award)

Yong Hong Zhong • Lake Oswego, Oregon USA

Plein air painting is all about being in the present moment and trying capture that special moment with paint and brushes is my goal.
Favorite locations to paint: My top three locations to paints are most of national parks on the west coast, the scenic Columbia Gorge in Oregon and New York City.
Last plein air event: Paint the Peninsula